Capitalism’s final frontier: it always comes back to modes of life

March 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

We would love you all to join us this coming Thursday for the final session of AAB’s current project The Capital Labour/Capital Life Reading Group. We will be reading:

Ch.VI “The Buying and Selling of Labour-Power” + Ch.VIII “Constant Capital and Variable Capital” from Marx’s Capital

“From Capital-Labour to Capital-Life” – Maurizio Lazzarato

Please see schedule for .pdfs. Along the lines of reconfiguring labour as to acknowledge its function in everyday interstices, the principles pertaining to valuation must also be reaccessed. Where Marx spends time assessing capitalism’s roots in institutions, Lazzarato elucidates on modalities of sense and expression as the contemporary anchors enabling enterprises, without factories (organs), to create a world.

We also plan to discuss our proposal and shenanigans for the Rent Assembly and issue 2 of AAB (an email will be sent out promptly in regards to submissions).

See you all this Thursday!


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