AAB Submissions for: And I Didn’t Even Call the Police! Issue 2 / Spring 2013

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And I Didn’t Even Call the Police!
Issue 2 / Spring 2013

We are seeking submissions for About a Bicycles’ second issue to be launched Spring 2013. Our current project, Capital Life/Capital Labour, derives from our real and (real) affective relations to the current socio-economic situation.  This series is constituted by on-going discussions and outpourings on the precarious conditions of labour and life, nefarious actions and agents that led to the global economic crisis, and the way these events have become the ingrained (neo-liberal) state ideology which atomises the subject, severing empathetic ties between those in the subordinate classes.  Our reading list began with Christian Marazzi’s The Violence of FInancial Capital and continued with additional analysis of the post-modern consumer metropolis, producing an upsurge in fervorous anecdotes about unpaid labour in cultural production and the parasitic relationship between rent-as-profit and cognitive labour. Cultivating a common language and critical understanding of these not so disparate topics has been at the forefront of our project, and so has acknowledging the legitimacy of what we already knew and felt in our personal and shared daily experiences.

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