revolution is movement, but movement is not a revolution. the city is a projection of the body, the body is a product of the city.

July 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tomorrow evening we will be reading part one of Paul Virilio’s Speed & Politics and from Elizabeth Grosz’s Space, Time, and Perversion, Bodies-Cities. We will discuss how, to Virilio, all human geography is ultimately a product of warfare and what this means when bodies take the streets. Temporarily. Grosz problematizes the relationship between body-politic and political bodies, and ends by questioning a “potential” affective shift registered within the body, from city scape to techno-scape: “The subject’s body will no longer be disjointedly connected to random others and objects according to the city’s spatio-temporal layout … [but rather] modeled on and ordered by telecommunications.”

Charles de Fourcroy’s Table Polymétrique

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