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​Our previous meeting was more of a casual encounter with the texts.

Lauren Berlant and Michael Warner draw on “Clintonian familialism” and other legislative forms in the 1990’s that worked toward creating a hegemonc sex public — one that promotes heterosexual family values, while non-reproductive forms of sexuality are deemed “offensive” and “obscene.” They argue that although queerness does not necessitate a particular relationship to sex, policing of the sex industry creates a dispersal of the gay community as a concerted effort by the State, as it has historically been from these centres that political rallying around gay rights have arisen.

Another favourite point: the heterosexual couple-form is bound-up with property, e.g. the “his” and “hers” labelling of objects and of each other. And it is this relation to property that takes us to the subject of “jealousy.” It is here where we had trouble separating our real somatic experiences with our rationalisation of an internalised ideology of property-relations, especially since some us had to be trained by other women to feel jealous.

For our next and final meeting, we will be discussing:

Geraldine Finn – “Why Althusser Killed His Wife” & “Reason and Violence: More than a False Antithesis – A Mechanism of Patriarchal Power” from Why Althusser Killed His Wife: essays on discourse and violence

De Machina – A letter to Chris Kraus: ‘Kiss me,’ ‘Fuck me,’ or ‘Rape me’

Kate Zambreno – Heroines (excerpt)

(The readings will shortly be scanned and available here.)

Robyn has graciously offered to host at her place, where we will be able to have access to a sauna:

“The sauna is hosted by us but owned by the BC Mobile Sauna Society. They accept donations from sauna goers for propane and sauna upkeep. This is by no means obligatory, but it helps us keep the sauna running. (We have public sauna on Sunday evenings.) Also, please bring a water bottle (no glass) and a towel!”

We have been discussing going to a sauna together as a group for some time, and we are very happy that it is in this way that we will be ending this Summer Session.

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