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28 December 2014 – 7PM

It’s fucking about a bicycle!

AAB journal launch

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“Traditionally, any departure from the virtues demanded of females becomes the occasion both for male moralistic pedagogy (which asserts social control) and for male romantic musings (which celebrate acts of social transgression). The notion of “abandon” belongs to an economy in which male hegemony relies on the “loose woman” and its cognates of “looseness-as-woman” and “woman-as-looseness” for a projection of that which is subversive, improper, marginal, unspeakable, and so forth.”

– Rey Chow in “Postmodern Automatons”

Please join us in an evening of festivities with the notorious feminist-marxist reading and discussion collective About a Bicycle for the launch of the fourth issue of the journal by the same name. It’s fucking about a bicycle! resists male hegemonic thought in new and impossible ways, featuring new writing and images by members. There will be copies available at the launch.

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