AAB launches at the Post-Saltbox Salon

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AAB launched I’m, like, in love with you! for the second time at the Post-Saltbox Salon in Calgary. This was a debut event for the Post-Saltbox Salon and we look forward to seeing what else  transpires in the space. Thank you to the Calgary contingent and to all the readers who made the evening a special one.

AAB will be on hiatus til Spring 2014! Please send us a message at aboutabicycle@gmail.com if you’d like to join us in the New Year.

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AAB launches Issue 3 in Calgary: I’m, like, in love with you!

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Friday, December 13th at 8pm

AAB | about a bicycle

I’m, like, in love with you!

issue 3 | autumn 2013

“To be affected by something is to evaluate that thing” – Sara Ahmed

Join us as we celebrate a special Calgary launch of our third issue, I’m, like, in love with you!

In conjunction with our recent summer project on The Affective State, issue three explores the specificity of the term “affect,” from enabling ugly feelings for political action, to discursively produced affect, to pre-subjective intensities, to the effect of neoliberal precarity on our affective lives, to physiology, psychology, and to the body. The evening features Kathleen Brown, Carmen Derksen, Rafaela Kino, Anahita Jamali Rad, Claire Lacey, Danielle LaFrance, Nikki Reimer, and Rachel Zolf.

AAB is a group of self-identified women, with interest in reading and discussing critical themes that are pertinent to the space and time of the readers. “Community” and “politics” are inextricable, and we seek to cultivate this connection without fear of being called “feminist killjoys.” This project on affect was co-facilitated by Anahita Jamali Rad in Vancouver and by Danielle LaFrance in Calgary and brought together by an affect machine, the machine that keeps love alive, Skype.


Hosted at POST-SALTBOX SALON (531 24 Avenue NW)

**The house has a cat**

The issue will be available for $10 at the launch. Previous issues will be available for free.

(please circulate this invitation)

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