7th session on Shame in the Cybernetic Fold and One Dimensional Woman

September 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

We’re down to our last two sessions! Please join us this Thursday, September 26th for session 7 of About a Bicycle’s project on the Affective State. Another slight shift from Freud, we’ll be discussing Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Adam Frank’s Shame in the Cybernetic Fold: Reading Silvan Tomkins alongside a few short chapters from Nina Power’s One Dimensional Woman (You’re like an Advert to Yourself & Socialism Must Not Exclude Human Sensual Pleasure From Its Program!). The former address Tomkins’ serialized conception of the nine, biologically-based, affects, with greater attention to intensely felt shame and anger. While we’ve discussed the multiple entry points for affect theory in poetics, the humanities, the arts, socioeconomics, and the political arena with some kind of temporal succession, Sedgwick and Frank are interested in how it currently applies to the “thinking routines of theory.” They develop a way to place his work in the context of postwar information science and technologies. Nina Power, on the other hand, is not explicitly aligning her work with affect theory, but we hope to orientate her Feminist and Marxist analysis with how affect is discursively constructed and how shame and anger manifest in women’s work and consumer capitalism.

Readings can be found on the schedule.

Times (see email for locations/contacts):

YVR: 730pm

YYC: 8:30pm

Love and solidarity,


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