AAB // the Affective State // 20 Sept // Civilisation and its Discontents

September 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Please join us again for another session of the Affective State on Friday, September 20th. This week’s session will be on Freud’s Civilisation and its Discontents. Moving from Ngai onto Freud’s late work, the transition is both easy and jarring.  The paranoiac aspects of Spahr’s work, as noted by Ngai, reaches a point at which “it becomes impossible to separate the interpretations the subject generates from those that generate the subject” (Ngai).  Freud attends to a sort of paranoiac mysticism, an oceanic feeling, a blurring between the ego and the world. In both cases, uncertain demarcation.  In the text, Freud examines how the pleasure principle, along with legal prohibitions against destructive behaviour, breeds discontent.  The political and economic injunction to enjoy (consumption, brand identity, social networking), is thus presented to the public as a safe alternative source of pleasure seeking.

The text is available on the schedule. The PDF is 40 pgs and the physical book is approx. 100pgs.  Please read as much as you can for the meeting.

Place/time: see  email for locations

YVR: 7:30PM
YYC: 8:30PM



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