Project Three: the Affective State, Summer 2013

July 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dear AAB,

Get ready for another round of About a Bicycle, this time with focus on the Affective State. We’ll start the session off with some Kierkegaard and Massumi (and an optional Spinoza text) for some classic affect theory. The session will then meander through dealings with affective economies, ambiguous affects, shame, guilt, aversion, and tolerance. How does the state manipulate with affects? Like a scene out of Julius Caesar, we are all convinced by the pathos of a Mark Antony. How has the feminization of the subject of capital brought affect to the forefront of our discussions (see: affective labour)? These questions, and more, will be discussed in the upcoming Summer/Fall session.

The session consists of eight weeks, with one break in the middle.  Most sessions will be held on Thursdays, with the first meeting on 9 August 2013.  Please let us know if you cannot make it on Thursdays, but would like to attend a session on another day that works better.  Also, please let us know if you would like to host a session in your home.

The readings are all available on the schedule, with the exception of one or two, which we will email to you closer to the meeting for that text. Further description of the project can be found here.

And, as always, please let us know if you would prefer to be taken off the email list.

Love and Solidarity,


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