“The population of the poverty-stricken grows with their poverty, and at the extreme limit of destitution human beings are crowded together in the greatest numbers contending with each other for the right to suffer…” – Buret, De le misère, etc.

February 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

The next (long-awaited) session of AAB will be held on 1 March at Ana’s. 

We will be discussing “All the World Needs a Jolt: Social Movements and Political Crisis in Medieval Europe”  + “The Accumulation of Labour and the Degradation of Women: Constructing ‘Difference’ in the ‘Transition to Capitalism’” (pp. 21-131) from Silvia Frederici’s Caliban and the Witch.

The extended ‘vacation’ we have taken will allow us enough time to properly digest this more descriptive and historical text.  Moving away from our current situation with an attentive eye toward medieval Europe, we will discuss peasant uprisings, the bourgeois ‘revolution’, the push away from the land and the debasing of the female body as a method of dissipating further uprisings by creating “enemies within” and disempowering (shaming) the female population.  And this is just the beginning of the wealth within this text.
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