tree branches and bird wings in nature

January 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

We are meeting this coming Thursday, January 10th at Danielle’s place for around 830p. We will be reading Matteo Pasquinelli’s “The Ideology of Free Culture and the Grammar of Sabotage” along with George Bataille’s “The Notion of Expenditure”, which is referenced in the former. 

Last week we discussed how media acts not only as a vessel for communication, but also communicates itself (i.e., noise, mic/speaker), thus determining the conditions of social realities. Transposing the language of media to the language of finance, we can see how the disposal of the material commodity (cash-based economy vs. credit-cased economy; gold standard vs. representative money; freefloating vs. hedging) and replacement of free flowing prices within information technologies, redefines financial procedures. The market utilizes information technology to transfer a financial message, and by, let’s say, adding extra zeros to said information, intermediates with our lived experiences. Bringing abstraction back to daily life, we’ll further extend this discussion by readdressing surplus value and Bataille’s excess in terms of media. We’ll also look at the stark contrast between autonomous commons and creative commons, and the problem of revolutionizing via social networks.

In solidarity with IdleNoMore. We’re excited to see more and more protests requesting to stay as far away from the social network surveillance complex as possible.

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