Jamie Peck and F.A. Hayek! Thursday, December 27th!

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We changed our schedule to accomodate current festivities (and deadlines!). We’ll be meeting next Thursday, December 27th at Ana’s new place and reading texts that historicize Christian Marazzi’s broad assertions and potential solutions. From F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom please gloss over the introduction and read The Abandoned Road, The Great Utopia, and, my personal favorite, Why the Worst Get on Top. In tandem, we’ll be reading “Remaking Laissez-Faire” by Jame Peck, UBC’s Geography Professor.


Over the last few weeks we’ve traced the context of the global financial crisis and the ensuing precarity of labour in Post-Fordist cognitive capitalism. Continuing on that thread of tracing back, we want to keep in mind the methodological act and specificity involved with planning these current conditions that govern immaterial labour, general intellect, and social cooperation.   We can presuppose our own complicity and alienation in singularity, but I’d like to keep in a mind a type of ‘planning’ and temporal organization within our own discursive practices and to re/construct this as a form of strategy. From the planning of our day within cognitive capitalism, labelling every moment of precarious labour, to how we organize before recent social eruptions, we can teeter the lines of disorder and classification in order to further comprehend our recent discussion of Deleuze’s ‘snake’s coils’ metaphor.


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We will meet on December the 12th at Danielle’s, at which time we will be finishing off our discussion of Marazzi. 

We will need to read “Geomonetary Scenarios” + Afterword (pp.83-122). 

We will also read a very short piece by Deleuze, Postscript for Control Societies, which briefly describes the move away from disciplinary societies to the new control societies. 

“Factories formed individuals into a body of men for the joint convenience of a management that could monitor each component in this mass, and trade unions that could mobilize mass resistance, but businesses are constantly introducing an inexorable rivalry presented as healthy competition, a wonderful competition that sets individuals against one another and sets itself up in each of them, dividing each within himself.” – Gilles Deleuze



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