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Join us next Thursday, August 30 as we conclude this session of AAB on the postmodern. We’ll be reading the section on culture from Fredric Jameson’s Postmodernism or, the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism (see schedule for .pdf). Jameson is an appropriate extension, maybe even alternative, to Lyotard’s analysis on the postmodern condition. While Lyotard ‘sets’ us up to employ the language of performitivity to deconstruction the conditions of knowledge production and institutional social dynamics, Jameson dismisses any notion of moralism or nostalgia as a critique against postmodernism and instead attempts to provide a materialist account of postmodernism’s cultural logic within the totality of capitalist social, political and cultural relations.

We’ll be meeting at Ana’s flat.

Wednesday August 22 / Week 9

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We’ll be finishing Presentation II of Aesthetics and Politics as well as Jameson’s conclusion on Wednesday August 22 at 8:30.
Meet at Danielle’s.



Aesthetics&Politics this week

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Please join us for a discussion of Aesthetics and Politics: Ernst Bloch & Georg Lukacs (Presentation 1), next Thursday, August 16th.  We will look at the historical polemics of aesthetic criticism with regard to specific political ideological investments, what points of interest surface, and if/how/why this is relevant to current aesthetic practice/theory.
The reading for this session is about 60 pages, so please keep that in mind when preparing for the meeting.
The meeting will be at Ana’s place at 8:30pm. See email for address.

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