“I define postmodern as incredulity toward metanarratives”

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Join us this Thursday for the conclusion of The Postmodern Condition. We’ll probably start a few pages before 41 up to the end, page 67. I also thought reading Peter Gelderloos’ “You have to do it my way” (middle of the text) would be a good segue into the body of our syllabus. Though the text does not explicitly address the postmodern per se, Gelderloos ponders “the discomfort with identity” as a “symptom of postmodern society” and provides a re-reading of identity politics within anarchist theory. So far we have been discussing the pendulum swing of narrativization and performitivity, when it is necessary and when it should be called into question (always called into question). As capital demands a continual re-invention of the new in the form of how social subjects interact, the manner of self-identification and how identities are imposed are natural accomplices to the State.

Meetup at my (danielle’s) place —- see email for address


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Last meeting we discussed postmodernism in the aesthetic and cultural form of a popular Bulgarian music genre called Chalga, with its main player being Azis.

Heading in the opposite direction is where we find the postmodern in American pop music:

and reactions to it:

Thursday the 14th of June

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Hi everyone!

The next meeting will be next Thursday the 14th at mine (Ana). We will start at 8pm and focus on the first half of the book (up to page 41).
If you were unable to make it to the previous meeting, please still try to read the readings.  And just a reminder: the pdfs for the readings are available on the schedule.

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